Maine PUC Proposed Net Metering Rule: Worthington Sawtelle Comments

Robust growth in distributed generation DG in Maine, and particularly solar DG, has been stalled by the inability of the legislature, the Governor’s office and the Maine Public Utility Commission to agree on a comprehensive plan for moving the state forward. The legislation would have, among other things, replaced net metering with a market based… Continue Reading

Is Biomass Carbon Neutral? Depends On How Much Time You Have

It is almost axiomatic within the renewables community that the combustion of biomass is carbon neutral.  That is to say that virtually all carbon released by burning will ultimately be offset by the absorption of carbon by new growth, provided the agricultural scheme deployed is renewable and sustainable. This assumption regarding the carbon neutrality of… Continue Reading

Guest Post: Ontario Adaption to New Energy Economy

Guest post is from Emma White from was founded in 2011 by migration lawyers and it provides professional consular service to Australia. Emma White is an environment enthusiast and wiling to devote her knowledge to make a better world. How Ontario is getting ready to join the new energy economy in Canada Canada is… Continue Reading

Is That Fuel Cell Economic? Forget cents/kWh or GGE

It’s very easy to find graphics that compare the cost of several forms of emerging energy technologies.  In the case of fuel cells, since they make electricity to perform a task, the metric used is the cost of a unit of electricity: (pick your currency) per kilowatt-hour or cents/kWh.  In vehicular applications, an attempt is… Continue Reading

Contrarian Approach to Fuel Cell Powered Forklifts and Scooters in Taiwan 燃料电池发展的逆向操作:台湾叉车及摩托车

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The worldwide population of motor scooters is approaching 130 million. China alone produced over 40 million gasoline powered motor scooters in 2011. Many of these engines emit 8 to 30 times the hydrocarbons and particulates emitted by automobiles. Several companies are developing fuel cell powered scooters to reduce these enormous emissions. Fuel cells are devices… Continue Reading

Keystone XL: Run the Numbers, It’s a Bad Business Decision

Only a portion of current inventories of Canadian tar sands oil might make economic sense to pipe through Keystone XL; there is a high probability that new extraction projects or upgrades to existing projects will have delivered cost well in excess of what the market will bear.   An investor in the Keystone XL pipeline is… Continue Reading